Discuss some stunning features of the Linksys E5600 Router

The qualities of the Linksys E5600 Router mesmerize the user’s point of view because of its’ compact size which can be easily fit in any little space. Moreover, it increases the speed of the network up to 1.2 Gbps. The other best feature of the Linksys wifi Router is it connects up to 1000 sq. ft away devices and up to 10 devices, it is capable of providing connectivity. Simultaneously, it furnishes guest wifi access to the users which is totally secure and safe because guest wifi access security provides a password facility. Its weight is around 410 g. 

The Linksys e5600 router fastens the bandwidth which avoids the unnecessary disturbance. The guest wifi feature of the router restricts the unwanted users’ access to the network.   

Qualities of the Linksys e5600 router’s ethernet port

The routers have 4 Gigabit Ethernet ports which can easily fix the ethernet cable and provide a speedy network connection to the connected devices so that you can easily transfer the files from one device to another device. The setup of the router’s cable is not difficult. You can easily join the cables in the ethernet port.Its dimensions are 135 mm X 38 mm x 185.5 mm.

The router has three buttons, and these are the WPS button(wifi setup protected setup), Reset button, and power button. If you have any doubts or technical issues related to the router, then read the instructions of the usual manual  The router E5600 provides a power supply for input 100-240 V to 50-60 Hz and 12 V,1 A for output devices means it supplies 12 W of power.

What are the functions of Linksys router’s front lights?

In the front of the router, there are three lights which include a power light, internet status light, and ethernet activity light. If the power light flashes blue light it means the router starts working. But when the power light of the router flashes yellow light it means you are not correctly pairing the router with a modem or adapter. Despite that, if the internet status light blinks solid blue. It indicates that the devices will correctly connect to the internet. Otherwise, it blinks yellow light if it can not connect. On the other hand, if the ethernet cable will connect to the port all lights of it blink solid 

Elaborate about backside buttons and ports of the Linksys e5600 router 

You can clearly see on the backside of your router that there is a wifi-protected setup button(WPS), power button, reset button, ethernet port, internet port, power port. The WPS button will use to pair the devices. When the WPS light blinks it indicates that the router will properly connect to the devices. A power port will use to connect the adapter and power the button will use to turn on the router.  Moreover, if you face any problem with the router you can push the reset button for a few seconds eventually the power light starts blinking.

Ethernet port provides four LAN ports that connect the devices with the help of the ethernet cables. As well as LAN lights start green blinking which indicates it is connected. An Internet port is used to join the Ethernet cables to the modem.  

How to set up the Linksys E5600 router?                                          

There are the following steps that will follow at the time of setup of the Linksys router. First of all, connect the internet cable that is provided by the ISP or the ethernet cable. That is coming with the modem behind the internet port of the router. Then go to the wifi setting of your device. Meanwhile, you will see your wi-fi name Linksys e5600 then enter the password. That will mention in the setup manual of the router and click ok. After that, go to the web browser and type myrouter.local then enter it. Now, the page opens and you will see a new setup guide.

Know more steps

 Then enter the user name and password that will available by your ISP. Then select your region and you have to give your user name and password for your network and click next. Afterward, you have to enter the router’s password to enter the router’s admin page. You have to remember this password and username and your router is being set up now. In your wifi setting, you can see two wifi networks that we just made. Now, I am connecting to the 5 gigahertz network and type your new password and now you connect. Then the same router page will access by typing your IP address and entering a password. Then you go to the router page under the internet connection tab.    

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