General Motors Pulling Out of Consumer Electronics Show in 2022

With a more technology-focused approach, automobiles have become more visible at the Consumer Electronics Show, but that doesn’t mean they’re a focus. More carmakers are going for a technology-first approach, and GM is the latest to pull out. But it’s not too late to turn up the volume and get involved in the show.

While Lenovo, Waymo, and GM are not pulling out, many other major exhibitors are. General Motors, which had planned to debut the Silverado EV at the show, has also canceled its CES appearances. Meanwhile, Google and Pinterest are scaling down their plans, while iHeartRadio, T-mobile, and OnePlus are canceling their CES exhibits. Gizmodo, a tech blog, has said it’s “monitoring local conditions” and will not attend.

Other companies also dropped their CES exhibit plans this week, including Intel and HyperX. They’re still planning to participate, but have decided to scale back. Additionally, GM is reducing its presence and speaking events in the show, while T-Mobile is limiting its in-person involvement. Despite these changes, some major companies and brands continue to make plans for CES, but it’s likely the most prominent ones won’t be attending.

While GM and Waymo have canceled their CES exhibits, other companies are dropping theirs. In addition to GM, Intel, and HyperX have announced that they’ll be at CES in 2019. These companies are also removing CEO Mike Sievert’s keynote speech, while Twitter have pulled out entirely. Other major displayers have already decided not to attend CES 2020, and there’s no clear indication of whether GM will make an in-person presence.

While the consumer electronics show is still on the agenda for next year, many companies and media outlets aren’t attending this year. The Consumer Electronics Show is the world’s largest technology and gadget trade show, and CES has been the place to see them. Despite GM’s announcement, the company is not making any public statements or plans to launch any new products.

Other major car makers have also dropped their exhibits. GM had originally planned to attend CES in order to give a keynote address, but changed its plans. However, GM’s absence does not mean it’s dropping out completely. The US automaker is also dropping its plans to introduce the Silverado EV at the event. The show will remain digital, but that doesn’t mean other big companies will be avoiding the event altogether.

GM has also canceled its plans for an in-person appearance at CES 2022. The automaker had planned to give a keynote speech and debut a new electric pickup there. T-Mobile’s CEO Mike Sievert also dropped his keynote presentation, and he will not attend the show at all. In addition to the CES exhibits, GM’s absence has a ripple effect across the industry, with the biggest name in automotive snubbing its plans to go to the show.

Other companies are also announcing their in-person presence at CES. Currently, Lenovo, Pinterest, and Google are all planning in-person events. In addition to this, Nvidia will deliver its keynote address at CES 2019 via video. Aside from GM, other big names such as Amazon and iHeartRadio have also opted to skip the show.

GM isn’t the only company to snub CES. Its CEO, Mary Barra, was scheduled to give a keynote speech at CES. Other major companies that have dropped out of CES include Samsung and T-Mobile. GM’s parent company, Meta, has a significant presence at the show, and it’s also canceled plans to send reporters.

A few companies have decided to stay away from CES due to the virus outbreak. At the time of writing, the COVID-19 outbreak has killed at least 800 people in the US. Since last month, the Omicron variant of the virus has spread to southern Africa and Hong Kong. There has been a surge in Coronavirus infections in these areas, which has prompted new restrictions in many countries.

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