Guide to Choosing the Platform with the Lowest Brokerage Fees

Brokerage charges remain at the top whenever it comes to choosing a stockbroker. This is because brokerage charges form a major part of the overall charges levied by a stockbroker. This is where the lowest brokerage charges in India come into play.

These charges become applicable when the measured brokerage amount remains below the minimum brokerage amount as every stockbroker features a different minimum brokerage amount in effect.

What is brokerage?

In plain terms, brokerage refers to an amount that is charged by a stockbroker instead of the services offered to the user. This amount tends to vary from one broker to another and is mainly driven by the level of offered services, broker’s reputation, customer support, trading platform, and others.

However, due to the intense competition in the market, stockbrokers are obliged to offer competitive brokerage plans to their users. This is particularly true among discount brokers offering all essential stock trading services and a few perks.

What are the lowest brokerage charges in India?

Put simply, the lowest brokerage charges refer to the bottommost amount a stockbroker charges from its clients. In most cases, this minimum amount is measured as a certain percentage of the trade value.

Every broker has set its limit when it comes to determining the lowest brokerage charges in India.  Another factor that determines the lowest brokerage charge is the type of trade order that is being executed.

What could be the maximum brokerage charges in India?

As per the latest guidelines defined by SEBI, no stockbroker is permitted to charge a brokerage of more than 2.5% of the overall trade value for equity delivery trading. For intraday trading, the maximum brokerage is capped at 0.25% of the total trading value.

Due to the cut-throat competition prevailing in the stockbroking space, discount stockbrokers tend to charge lesser brokerage as compared to full-service stockbrokers.

Top Trading Platforms with Lowest Brokerage Charges in India

If you are ready to get into stock trading but don’t want to pay heavy brokerage, you can consider top trading platforms with the lowest brokerage charges in India.

1.    M.Stock

M.Stock by Mirae Assets is considered the best trading platform with the lowest brokerage charges in India. There are two brokerage plans offered by Mirae Assets – Plan 499 and Plan 999. If you choose Plan 999, the stockbroker doesn’t charge zero brokerage across all trading segments.

There is no order limit, no subscription charges, and no expiry restrictions. The app has 5 million app downloads and it features 1-click order placement with an average daily turnover of over 1,316. Downloading and registering the m.stock app takes just 5 minutes with a lifetime zero brokerage account.

2.    Zerodha Kite

Kite by Zerodha is another popular trading platform that offers the lowest brokerage charges in India. The stockbroker has a maximum brokerage capped at Rs. 20 per order (or 0.03%) for trading intraday stock, equity derivatives, commodities, and currencies. One of Zerodha’s primary USPs is technology.

The business has made large investments to offer cutting-edge bespoke trading systems. Additionally, Zerodha gives its users access to a variety of third-party trading programs.

Zerodha offers Kite, an easy-to-use, lightweight, and robust trading app. Created internally, Kite is the most basic trading application accessible on the Indian stock market.

3.    Kotak Securities Stock Trader

Stock Trader is a great, intuitive mobile app developed by Kotak Securities with competitive brokerage charges. Every trading platform has distinct features, capabilities, and functions. The Kotak KEAT Pro X has several sophisticated functions that are best used with a certain level of comprehension.

A demo film from Kotak Securities walks viewers through every element of the desktop trading interface. You may view the Kotak KEAT Pro X demo video on their website. Brokerage charges of Kotak Securities are flat Rs. 20 per order for futures & options; zero for intraday trading.

4.    Nuvama Mobile Trader

Previously known as Edelweiss Broking Ltd., Nuvama is the next low brokerage broker on the list. The brokerage, which was established in 2008, enables its customers to make investments in a variety of securities, such as debt, mutual funds, equities, commodities, IPOs, futures, and options.

The normal brokerage charge for all categories covered by the Nuvama Lite Plan is Rs. 10 for each transaction that is completed. This is a strategy that traders who wish to trade independently and don’t need complete support from their broker should give serious thought to. Value-added services are billed individually based on consumption, and relationship manager services are not covered by this plan.

5.    Angel One Mobile App

The brokerage charges by Angel One are 0 for equity delivery and flat Rs. 20 per order across other segments. ARQ, a data-driven recommendation engine, powers the Angel One App. It uses machine learning, cognitive algorithms, and expert insights to suggest top stocks and mutual funds.

The Angel mobile trading software offers a tonne of other helpful functions including ARQ notice, advising, and portfolio tracking, live streaming quotes, several watchlists, and 40+ technical indicators.

The Conclusion

If you are in search of the best trading app in India with the lowest brokerage charges, you can consider the options above. The selection of a specific trading platform largely depends on your specific stock trading needs and the brokerage you are willing to pay.