Mozilla Firefox Won’t Load Websites Here is How to Solve the Problem

A few people cannot load web pages using Mozilla Firefox, but there’s an option to fix the problem. Mozilla Firefox has an issue that stops websites from loading currently. People affected by the problem will see an endless loading loop in tabs, and the browser will not load any websites. The browser’s use of HTTP3 is believed to be the cause of the issue. Although Mozilla offers no permanent fix for this bug, there is a fix that can be helpful in certain instances.

Because HTTP3 is associated with the issue, it is possible to simply turn it off. In addition, it shouldn’t impact your browsing experience as most websites do not use HTTP3 currently.

You can deactivate HTTP3 using these methods:

  1. Open Firefox
  2. Enter about: config into the address bar
  3. Select Accept the Risk and Continue
  4. Type network.http.http3.enabled in the configuration’s text bar
  5. Change the network setting.http.http3.enabled to “false” by clicking the icon on the right
  6. Restart Firefox

This solution should alleviate the problem with Firefox operating on Windows, Linux, and macOS. You can also switch to a different browser like Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Vivaldi. Be aware that Firefox’s iOS version of Firefox isn’t affected by this issue since it runs WebKit. Mozilla announced a fix for the issue at 8:06 AM EST on January 13, 2023: