Nest toothbrush: The Self-Dispensing Toothbrush Making Waves on Kickstarter

What is Nest Brush?

Nest Care Inc, an expert organization focusing on oral hygiene, has brought its ergonomic guide toothbrush, the Nest toothbrush.

Nest Brush is a self-shelling out, refillable toothbrush from Nest Care that functions UV-C sterilization generation – making it the proper oral hygiene buddy, anytime, anywhere. For years, oral care has sought to make toothbrushes more “handy,” which has brought about the use of recent substances and delivered functions. However, using easy plastic toothbrushes and toothpaste remains.

This has led the Nest Brush group to leap forward with its award-triumphing ergonomic layout. The modern oral care set was first unveiled on August 17 on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. The Nest Brush set includes a silicone toothbrush with a unique integrated compartment for toothpaste, a journey case, a magnetic stand, and a proprietary UV-C sterilization module.

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Revolutionizing oral care

The modern idea of the Nest Brush – its green ergonomic layout and self-shelling out mechanism – has already earned the builder’s awards: the if World Design Guide and the Red Dot Design Award 2021.

We designed Nest Brush with our customers’ most consolation in mind,” says Nest Care founder Kirill Nesterov. “The concept changed to create a sterile atmosphere of well-suited gadgets for everyday dental care. And with Nest Brush, we now no longer most effectively clear up the hygiene venture however additionally extensively boom protection, consolation, and esthetics.”

With its complete functions, proprietors not should fear approximately wearing a toothbrush and toothpaste separately, as Nest Brush efficaciously combines the. This layout creates an unbroken brushing enjoyment for customers, whether not at domestic or on the go.

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Ergonomic, comfortable, and bacteria-free.

Nest toothbrush

Patent-pending toothpaste transport gadget generation calls for no energy or energy supply to supply toothpaste. Through inner channels, Nest Brush dispenses toothpaste onto the toothbrush with every button press. Silicone valves save the paste from leaking and drying out, so a specific quantity is disbursed with every press. The set is likewise designed so you can effortlessly rinse the comb from the inner among refills.

In addition, the set comes with a detachable UV-C sterilization module that may be connected to both the journey bag and the magnetic stand. Using effective UV-C lamps LED, the toothbrush may be sterilized in much less than a minute, supplying up to two months of hygienically easy enamel brushing on an unmarried charge.

Finally, the same old kit, which changed into unveiled on Kickstarter and has now reached 295% crowdfunding, comes with a magnetic stand and light-weight journey case to make sure customers can revel in all of the blessings of Nest Brush anywhere, without the energy consumption, or want for a separate toothpaste tube, and germs.

Krill provides that with this device, customers get their very own sterile Nest – an atmosphere with a “99.9% sterility guarantee” – making brushing handy and safe.