Reasons to use Magento for eCommerce Website Development

With the continuous rise in the number of online shoppers, developing an eCommerce website has been the wisest decision a business could make. The e-commerce market is rapidly changing, and businesses need to respond appropriately. They need to be agile to get hold of the market. This is where Magento development can be useful to you.

Magento is one of the leading eCommerce platforms,  offering a variety of features such as shopping carts, catalog management, and so on. It has many advantages that make it suitable for building an extremely effective and secure online eCommerce store.

Building an eCommerce store for your business is a worthwhile decision to benefit from online selling and wider customer reach. For making your raw idea into a working reality, a reliable eCommerce website development company can help you build a robust eCommerce website.

This blog has highlighted the answers to all of your queries related to Magento for eCommerce website development.

1.  Open Source

It is one of the prime reasons for using Magento for eCommerce website development.  Unlike the other top eCommerce platforms, such as Shopify, where you need to pay, Magento is an open-source and free-to-use eCommerce platform.

The open-source version of Magento gives you the ability to make the most of this platform’s capabilities to build an outstanding e-commerce website for your business. It offers distinctive benefits and features that make it easy to build robust e-commerce websites.

As it is a very flexible platform, it offers endless customization that fruitfully meets the needs of your project. Since it is an open-source platform, there are no costs associated with using it to create websites.

2.  Dedicated eCommerce Platform

Content management systems like WordPress provide users the option to add eCommerce features. However, Magento provides a better e-commerce experience. It is a well-known platform that is exclusively devoted to developing eCommerce websites. Magento is in demand solution for e-commerce development because of its features and functionality, including simple inventory management, dashboard, facilities for up-selling and cross-selling, server customization, product bundling, etc.

3.  Scalable and Flexible eCommerce Store

The e-commerce domain is dynamic, and your website needs to be updated to reflect the newest developments. Additionally, when your business expands, you will need to extend it to meet the new needs and demands. Due to the scalability and flexibility of the platform, Magento makes it simple to scale up your website in accordance with the expanding requirements of your organization. Magento is available in a variety of editions, including community and enterprise editions. While the enterprise edition is not free, the open-source edition is. Depending on the needs of your company, you can select any version.

You can benefit from Magento development services with their proficient developers to build a highly scalable eCommerce website.

4.  Architecture

More technologies are included in Magento 2 to increase website optimization and customization. In fact, the old tech stack has been entirely replaced with the latest Magento 2.

Here are a handful of the most notable technologies that Magento 1 does not include:

  • Composer enables you to reuse third-party libraries without having to deal with source code, reducing extension conflicts.
  • NGINX is a reverse proxy, HTTP cache, and load balancer all in one.
  • Symfony – simplifies content management, enhances functionality, and improves website look
  • Varnish – improves website speed

The latest version of Magento is a powerhouse in terms of speed, proxy, and handling conflicts. It has been modified to meet the objectives of the enterprises in becoming one step ahead of their competitors.

5.  Features

Magento offers a wide array of features in comparison to other eCommerce platforms. These features play an essential role in making the use of this platform a lot easier for everybody who uses it. From catalog management to check-out experience, features of this platform smoothen the operation process of an eCommerce store from its beginning to the end process.

6.  Integration becomes easy

Magneto provides a leisurely collaboration with numerous third-party services. The process of introducing new functionality or improving existing functionality is made easier through painless integration with third-party services. A Magento store can be integrated with payment gateways such as SecurePay, PayPal, and so on for receiving and making payments, order tracking, and so on.

When you partner with the Magento development company, they can conveniently integrate various third-party extensions into your website to provide additional functionalities.

7.  High Performance

From the performance perspective, Magento is a worthy choice for eCommerce development because it allows you to build fast-loading websites. A 100 millisecond of latency could result in losing a potential customer. Magento comes with tools such as Vanish, Memcached, etc, to improve the website’s performance.

Also, Magento 2 works with lower server response times due to various functionalities integrated into this platform. You also have access to additional extensions that will help increase website performance. With the help of a Magento development partner, you can optimize your website for enhanced performance and user experience.

8.  Security

Security is one of the prime things to be taken care of when developing an eCommerce store. As eCommerce websites are always targeted by hackers. A little error in security would cost you the loss of customer data and the trust of customers. Magento is a highly secure platform to operate. The built-in security features minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

Also, you can restrict the number of login attempts of the admin dashboard; you can integrate a captcha in login forms and back up the data sets frequently. Furthermore, the latest version of Magento removes data vulnerabilities and offers two-way authentication.

A skillful Magento developer understands the necessity of security for eCommerce websites and can develop a Magento eCommerce store loaded with advanced security features for your business.

Let’s Wrap It

The above points illustrate the reasons why you need to use Magento for eCommerce website development. It is a complete eCommerce platform full of essential features.

Magento is a robust platform for building eCommerce websites with a wide array of features. It lets you create secure and high-performance websites. You can create a feature-packed, secured, responsive, and scalable eCommerce website for your business using Magento.

You can choose a Magento website development company to build an engaging and rich-quality eCommerce website as per your business requirements.

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Emily White works as a senior Magento developer at CSSChopper. She has completed hundreds of successful projects related to Custom Web Development. She utilizes her idle time by writing engaging and informative blogs.