Review – YSL Black Opium

It’s crucial to purchase a scent that complements your fashion sense, taste, and way of life. Therefore, if you’re looking for a unique perfume that should also be sensual and delicious, you should check out YSL Black Opium

The history of perfume is extensive. Nearly 4000 years ago, during the Bronze Age, the first scent was created.

Perfume is the most extensively used and well-liked cosmetic product worldwide, regardless of gender. Women are typically the target market for perfume goods.

We’ll discuss the black opium today and discover its fame. We’ll also take into account the price, characteristics, and conclusion that might assist you in purchasing the YSL black opium dossier.

YSL Black Opium What Is It?

YSL Black Opium

Products from perfumes are influenced by YSL’s Black Opium and other labels. Dossier offers affordable and ethical replacements for expensive fragrances.

The YSL black opium is designed for ladies and is the perfect perfume option to match various occasions of the day, from casual wear to romantic night outs. It is specially designed for women who are constantly looking for something sensual but appetising.

You will fall in love with this women’s fragrance from after just one sniff since the depth of perfume is achieved via the use of diverse notes. Jasmine, orange blossom, vanilla, and coffee are a few of them.

The Following Are Some Variations For Saint Laurent Fragrance:

 1. Amber

Many individuals enjoy the popular and enticing aroma of amber. Additionally, the YSL perfume for ladies from exhibits these qualities of richness. Because it contains substances like vanilla, labdanum, styrax, benzoin, and a few others, it has a sweet scent.

2. Vanilla

Most of the perfume for women is on the probably has a vanilla flavour. It has a warm, fresh perfume that is somewhat sweet. The exotically vanilla scent of the YSL black opium perfume draws customers in.

3. Oud

The Oud is said to be the priciest instrument in the world. Ironically, it is referred to as liquid gold and is more expensive than gold. It has an earthy, incense-like, and beet-like odour. It is more rugged because it has the same aroma as the YSL black opium

What Organisation Controls YSL Black Opium

Dossier, an eCommerce company situated in New York, had its online debut in 2018 under the administration and leadership of Ines Guien, the head of the Logistics and Product Development Management, and owner Sergio Tache.

Perfume for women To enable everyone, regardless of income level, to acquire luxury scent, created the eCommerce platform. This is what made them successful since they were able to sell thousands of bottles of perfume in their first year of operation.

YSL Black Opium Dossier: Why. co Is So Popular?

Many Americans love the Yves Saint Laurent perfume because it is unique. The scent of the perfume is entirely original and unmatched by any other perfume company that might provide a comparable scent. The majority of people are searching for YSL Black Opium because of this.

The notes used with the YSL black opium to create such a distinctive aroma are also the cause of its high demand and plenty in the market.

Who Is the Black Opium Face?

The 29-year-old actress and musician Zo Kravitz is the new face of Black Opium, according to the organisation’s management team and a recent piece by Jennifer Weil. She also has 8.4 million Instagram followers and has represented YSL cosmetics internationally.

For YSL black opium at the moment, she is portrayed as the modern woman. She is advertised everywhere, including on TV, digital commercials, and other platforms.

Types of YSL Black Opium Fragrances

You’ve read enough about YSL Black Opium at this point.

Let’s examine the many YSL Black Opium fragrances. There are four main Black Opium scents that come in various settings. The following are those:

1. With Coffee, Vanilla, And White Blossoms, Black Opium Fragrance

It is both attractive and addictive to use this exotic YSL black opium It is the seductively captivating women’s fragrance, which was specifically created with female taste in mind. The aroma includes notes of vanilla, white flowers, spicy gourmand, and coffee.

2. Black Opium Perfume With Coffee, Green Mandarin, And Fig

This one has a tangy, fresh flavour. With its everlasting smell blended with green mandarin and fig, the new YSL black opium is itching the women’s politeness. This stylish and spicy perfume for women from has a black coffee twist that gives you an adrenaline rush.

3. Black Opium Perfume With Vanilla Bourbon And Jasmine

If you don’t want to get the vanilla twisted coffee cum perfume for ladies from or the traditional green mandarin, consider this regime to be vanilla bourbon with jasmine-infused perfume. For women who are bold and edgy, this YSL black opium is exclusively designed.

4. Black Opium Perfume With Coffee And Orange Blossom

This enthralling YSL black opium scent pushes you to the brink of happiness and seduction. This recognisable black opium characteristic gives way to an exhilarating blue absinthe and a vivid centre of beautiful orange blossom.


With its low price point, the YSL black opium perfume is enticing consumers with its seductive warm and spicy scent. Through a variety of internet portals, consumers can purchase the exotic line of black opium perfume for reasonable prices.

Black opium costs less than $130 alone. In addition to internet banking services and PayPal, the customer can also use the AfterPay function to make 4 simple instalment payments.