Torrent Trackers List To Increase Downloading Speed In 2023

If you’re familiar with torrents, you know that when you download a file using a torrent, bits, and pieces of the file are downloaded from multiple locations. We have put together a list of the most popular torrent trackers that are active at the time of writing this article so that you can facilitate this decentralized and peer-to-peer transfer of files.

When the magnet links have been downloaded, they need to be opened in a torrent client. Torrent clients like BitTorrent, uTorrent, Deluge, and Vuze can be used to download the file. Once you choose a torrent client, it asks peers and seeds who have also downloaded the file to give you a share. Sometimes, however, there are very few seeds for a particular file, which makes the downloading process slow, which is why torrent trackers are used. It is possible to increase the download speed of torrent files by using the torrent trackers mentioned below.

What are Torrent Trackers?

These are special types of servers that help torrent clients communicate more effectively with peers to speed up the downloading process. Torrent trackers are servers that keep track of the peers who are currently available to provide you with the requested files.

You’re more likely to get a large number of seeders and peers for a file you’re trying to download if you add more torrent trackers. A torrent tracker comes in two types — a public tracker and a private tracker. The more people who can upload files to you, the faster the download will be.

Public Torrent Trackers

Torrent Trackers

It is possible to use public torrent trackers to increase torrent download speed by adding them to your torrent client. They do not require registration or invitations.

Private Torrent Trackers

 There is a fee for accessing private torrent tracker lists. In addition to registering or receiving an invite, you need to use private torrent trackers, which are safer than public trackers. However, they have upload and download limits, and you cannot use them beyond these limits. Reddit or similar forums are good places to find private torrent trackers.

Torrent Trackers in 2023

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  40. udp://

How can you add a Torrent Tracker to your Torrent downloader?

We have also included a list of some of the most popular torrent downloaders that you currently use. Once you have the list of torrent trackers for 2023, the next step is to add them to a torrent client.

  1. uTorrent.
  2. qBittorrent.
  3. Vuze.
  4. Transmission.
  5. BitTorrent.
  6. Deluge.
  7. Tixati.
  8. BitComet.
  9. Web-based torrent.

Adding torrent trackers to uTorrent, the most popular torrent client will also be demonstrated to help you with the process. This list of trackers for uTorrent works well with other torrent clients as well, so you can increase your torrent downloading speed with these trackers.

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It is fairly easy to add a torrent tracker to a torrent client by right-clicking on the torrent you are downloading in uTorrent.

  • Click on ‘Properties’ and add trackers with an empty line between them.

Torrent Trackers

  • Click the OK button and the trackers will appear in the torrent.
  • UTorrent also shows you how fast your torrent is downloading after you add torrent trackers.