Wavlink WiFi Extender Flashing Red Light? Instantly Resolve It!

If you have a Wavlink range extender and the LED light flashing red. So this is a serious problem or with the red LED light the user is not able to extend the range. In other words, the use of the Wavlink Wi-Fi range extender to amplify the range of the router. The signal amplifier is built-in inside the extender that amplifies the wireless range. In addition, the high and fast external antennas are built-in on this extender, which more helps to increase the Wi-Fi range. If you have continuously faced the Wi-Fi dead zone, then don’t panic, with the extender the dead zone completely kills.  So in the same way, the Range Extender is the most useful and finest answer to eradicate the WiFi dead zone and the Wavlink WiFi extender flashing red light error is also resolved.

Furthermore, the Wavlink Wi-Fi range extender comes along with two Gigabit Ethernet ports. Then, with this port, the wired device entirely accesses the network connectivity. Besides, to amplify the Wi-Fi range, you have to configure all settings of the extender. With, you can reliably obtain the login panel. After that, you will be able to configure the range extender. 

What are the common reasons due to Wavlink WiFi Extender Flashing Red Light? 

If the individual of the Wavlink range extender faces the red LED light issue, then you need to understand the common reasons. It is better to understand the reasoning before solving the problem. Let’s start with the common reasons due to the LED light of the range extender flashing red. 

  • Most of all, your extender should be installed far away from the router.
  • It is possible that you have an incomplete setup of your extender.
  • The LED light will flash red even if the extender’s firmware is out of date.
  • If your extender is installed near a hot place.
  • The wire may be broken in the wired connection.

Wavlink WiFi Extender Flashing Red Light? How to troubleshoot it!

If the LED light of the Wavlink range extender flashes red light, which indicates the error will cause in the extender. With the red LED light of the extender, you will not be able to amplify the range. Here are the troubleshooting steps. 

Install the Wavlink extender closer to the router

To resolve the red LED light issue, you have to properly configure the installation position of the extender. If you install the Wavlink extender that is far away from the host router, then it will not able to connect to the router. Then, in that case, the smart indicator LED light flashed red. So, you always install or pick the position of your extender that is too close to the router. In other words, you have to attach the Wavlink extender to the wall power supply that is too close to the router’s power supply. Afterward, it makes it easy to make the connection and the smart indicator LED light turns solid green. 

Demonstrate the cable connection when WiFi Extender Flashing Red

If you will connect your range extender to the router using a cable connection, and the LED light will red, it means that the cable breaks or is faulty. Then, in this situation, the user needs to ascertain the cable. If the cable will break in anywhere, then the user needs to unplug it instantly. In addition, the user has to plug the other cable into the power of the Wavlink extender. Afterward, the LED light status will change. 

Configure the wireless setting 

To resolve the red LED light of the Wavlink extender, you have to check the wireless setting of the extender. To check the setting, initially, you have to log in. For this, you have to open Mozilla Firefox or other browsers that you prefer. To log in, you have to search the wifi.wavlink.com login in the address bar. After that, you will display the login window. On the login window, you have to log in with login details.  On the main setup wizard of the Wavlink extender, you have to pick the Wireless setting. Under this setting, you have to change some settings like Network Name, Password, Security encryption, and many more. 

Reset the Wavlink range extender 

Resetting the extender is also the best option to fix any errors. To reset the Wavlink range extender, firstly push the power button and wait until the power of the extender completely turns ON. Afterward, with the small Pin, you need to push the Wavlink extender’s reset button for a few seconds, then leave it. Now, the Wavlink extender will be reset. 

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