6 Security Benefits of Video Doorbells for Your Beloved Home

With the quality and looks of modern-day houses becoming more advanced and more luxurious, it’s self-explanatory how the need for stricter security is increasing. That is why technological innovations keep happening, and home surveillance has to be smarter than sneaky thieves. This is the reason why video doorbells have always been one of the significant gadgets for home protection.

As its name implies, a video doorbell is a doorbell with a camera to capture and record videos. It is a variation and an upgraded version of the regular doorbells that everyone knows.

While many people prefer just having CCTV cameras and motion sensors around their properties, many love how video doorbells offer another impressive way to shield their lives against suspicious people. These gadgets indeed show their valuable worth as they give peace of mind and certainty to homeowners who have them.

Discover the excellence of these home security gadgets. Here are six benefits of video doorbells for your beloved home.

Know who’s ringing the doorbell before you respond and open the door.

Do you know the feeling when an unknown or unsaved cell phone number is calling you? In a way, it’s uncomfortable since you don’t know who’s at the other line. The same feeling goes when somebody is knocking or ringing your doorbell, yet you have no idea who it is because you are not expecting anyone to visit.

It makes you wonder and somehow uneasy, especially when you are not in a prepared-for-guests kind of mood and look.

You can eliminate such a feeling with video doorbells because you will know who’s ringing the doorbell before you respond and open the door. Inside your house, there is a monitor connected to the video doorbell camera at the gate. When someone rings the bell, you may check who’s doing that before you open the door or let them in.

This is helpful for you to prepare yourself before facing your visitors. You have the choice to not open the door if it’s a suspicious person or a stranger that’s outside.

It can also help you hide and pretend you’re not at home if it’s an unwanted guest. Don’t deny that it sometimes happens, but don’t do it if you’re just running away from important responsibilities!

Monitor your home even while you’re away.

Sometimes, you don’t feel relaxed while staying outside or somewhere far for a few days and leaving your house unattended. This is common for families on trips, leaving their homes behind without house helpers or caretakers. Sometimes, you want to rush home to ensure that your house is safe.

Install one or more video doorbells at home to lessen and remove such worries. When someone is heading to your house, trying to knock or call you, yet you’re not at home, you can still see who’s there.

You can still know who’s outside your house even while you’re away, as long as you have portable gadgets and phone applications connected to your video doorbell.

This feature allows you to monitor your house while you’re not at home. It captures the faces of guests who attempt to drop by and of strangers walking around your place.

Remotely communicate with guests outside your house.

Video doorbells have audio features that enable you and people ringing the bell to speak with each other. Through this, you can remotely communicate with guests standing outside your house.

Say you are at home but very busy, in an online meeting, handling an infant, feeling sick and cannot stand up or walk to the door, and nobody else can open the locked gate.

You can let your guest know about it and ask them to come back a little later or some other day. If you know them well and trust them, and if their visit is important and urgent, you may also instruct them how to open your gate with a passcode or a padlock.

On the other hand, again, this is useful when you’re away, at work, in the market, or somewhere else apart from home. You can inform your unexpected visitors that you are away, so they can just drop by at another time.

Furthermore, this keeps your house safe because many thieves often target and try to break into places whose homeowners or caretakers are away. Of course, there’d be no hindrance for them if nobody’s at home. When they ring the bell, and no one answers, it could be a go signal for them to do their evil deeds.

However, when they ring the bell and someone answers, they will retreat. Since video doorbells allow you to remotely talk to outsiders ringing your bell, you can pretend you’re at home even when you’re not.

Record visits to your house.

Video doorbells are very serviceable when you are doing investigations at home or when you just want to remember who comes to your house. They record visits to your place, including the date and time. It’s like a logbook of people, especially visitors, entering your abode.

Get notified of suspicious actions around your house.

Video doorbells are working like CCTV cameras, although they are doorbells and intercoms. Through them, you will get notified of suspicious actions around your house.

In cases where someone seems to be lurking near your home for hours or days, you can undoubtedly observe and discern their actions and motives. This helps you stay alert and move in advance to avoid possible robbery and harm caused by crooks.

Video doorbells help you and riders in contactless deliveries.

Nowadays, contactless deliveries are widespread, mainly because of the COVID-19 pandemic. You pay online or place your payment at the mailbox outside your gate, and the delivery men just leave your orders at your door or the table set outside.

Video doorbells are beneficial for such purposes. Riders will know if you’re at home or not, and you can instruct them on what to do or where to leave your parcel. You don’t have to go outside and personally meet them. To be safe, contactless deliveries are done, and video doorbells make them even better!


Technology has developed more and more ways to make life better for humans. That is so true, and intelligent security systems for homes prove that. Not only do they look cool, but intelligent gadgets created and designed to safeguard houses are also among the top essentials of real estate today.

Video doorbells are just one of the most sought-after because they have been displaying rewarding performances for homes and their owners. They inform you of what or who is in front of your door, regardless of whether you are at home or not.

You can speak with people visiting your house, even when you are away, or to ensure that they can be trustworthy or not. Video doorbells monitor and save data that you might need for security purposes and legal evidence. With high camera quality, they can help you stay safe, sound, and secure.

Are you still looking into starting or boosting the intelligent security system in your house? Don’t forget about these unique gadgets! This is the greatness of video doorbells.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Nicole Ann Pore is the writer of this article.

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