Pegasus spy app has initiated quest for making cell phones spy securer

Pegasus is a spy app that can stealthily infiltrate into a mobile device and in no time can gain access to everything that it would contain in memory or hard drive, even a firm grip over its camera and microphone. Sounds scary? Its reality though sends waves of anxiety down the spine. Pegasus is designed to enter the devices running on Android, Blackberry, iOS, and Symbian operating systems and virtually turn them into real-time surveillance gadgets.

How the Spy App Works:

Earlier versions of cell phone Spy Software were installed on smartphones through vulnerabilities in commonly used apps or by spear-phishing, which involves tricking a targeted user into clicking a link or opening a confidential document that covertly allowed the software to get deep into the data available in the device.

It could be installed over a wireless transceiver located within a signal range of the targeted device or fed manually into the targeted device if somehow possible to do so.

Who Has Been Using Pegasus and Why?

 An Israeli technology firm is the creator and owner of Pegasus which is known as NSO Group. This firm claims that it builds Pegasus solely for the governments to use in counter-terrorism operations and law enforcement works.

The company markets this software as a surveillance tool to track criminals and terrorists. It is imprecise who or what kinds of people are targeted and why they are targeted. The company does not disclose its clients, however.

Effects of Pegasus On Affected Devices:

Pegasus has been classified as one of the most powerful and technically most sophisticated spy software at present that can perform numerous malicious activities on an affected device. Firstly, it scans the targeted device, then it installs the modules that are required to perform actions related to surveillance.

Concrete steps Against the Spy app:

For reliable protection of devices against malicious cell phone spy software, especially against Pegasus. Given below are a few powerful tips for android users that can safeguard them from hackers online and they can, to some extent, be at ease while using their devices.

    1. Use Phone Locks: Many people might see this tip as to simple to trust, but technically, a phone without a lock is simply more vulnerable and likely to become an easy target for hackers.
    2. Use a VPN: VPNs add a security layer to an internet connection.
    3. Use Two-Factor Authentication: 2FA helps to keep social media accounts safe from spy wares.


  1. Downloads from Google Play Store Only: Never trust any third-party app stores for downloading any app. It is an easy way for hackers to access your device.
  2. Use Anti-Virus Software: Avast and Norton Security and Anti-Virus software enjoy a good reputation around the globe with a strong and trustable security shield.
  3. No Free Wi-Fi: Do not fall prey to temptations when you come across free Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connections at shopping malls, airports, bus stands, or other public parks and places.
  4. Browse in Safe Mode: Another important technique that can help you keep your Android phone protected is “safe mode browsing”. Chrome is the best option for browsing about safety online.
  5. Use of Biometric Authentication Tools: The latest smartphones carry several safety features like face and voice recognition and fingerprint authentication.
  6. Block All Types of Notifications: If possible and convenient, all such notifications from different apps must be blocked or suspended till urgently required for a purpose.
  7. Accept Updates: Whenever prompted for updates, one must leave aside everything else and go for updates.
  8. Do Not Save Passwords: Passwords must be unusual, a combination of letters and figures, and must be strong enough to stay tall against odds.
  9. Back-Ups Are Essential: One can keep back-ups in Google Drive, One Drive, External Hard Drive, or a Smart Card.

Android phones and less protected systems are always most vulnerable to malicious software. Important data and privacy are of utmost importance to be protected from hackers.

Pegasus creator has come under strict criticism ever since it was exposed at a global level after a few incidents. Pegasus has pledged to create software that will provide added security to common cell phone spy software users as well as organizations that deal with finances.

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