Tech & gadgets you need for off-grid living

With everything going on in the world at the moment, you are probably not the only person who might consider throwing it all in a just living off-grid. While the idea of peace and quiet might seem appealing, there are also considerable changes in living a life like this – not all of which would be welcome.

As with other areas of life, however, tech and gadgets can make life easier, even though it is not the first thing that springs to mind when you think about being off-grid. Once you have your land and a water supply, you can look at other things that mean you are only as cut off from the outside world as you want to be.

Solar panels or wind turbine

It will depend on where in the world you happen to be and which is the best solution, but you might choose to go for both. This way, regardless of the season, you should have power to your off-grid home. This is especially important if you wish to continue working remotely in some capacity, for instance as a freelance writer. Various solutions are available for all size properties and holdings, so there should be something that is tailor-made for you.


Your land is likely to come with some acreage, not all ideal for a standard road vehicle. Carrying out maintenance on your smallholding can be time-consuming, and getting a UTV can make the process a lot easier and more practical than an ATV, which is often just used for leisure purposes.

Getting hold of one can be easy, but you might think the biggest problem might be getting it to you, especially if your new life is well and truly off the beaten track. By finding the right UTV shipping company, you can buy with confidence from wherever you want, knowing that the vehicle will get to you safely and securely with proper UTV shipping.

Robotic farming

This isn’t something from science fiction, but you can buy a set-up with beds of plants or vegetables watered and maintained by a Farmbot. These are ideal if you want to grow your own food but have zero time or knowledge of how to do it.

Even if you are only living off-grid at weekends until you can semi-retire, you can program everything from your phone, which will all be done remotely for you. These are not cheap to set up but can give you that extra bit of independence.

To sum everything up

You might think living off-grid would have nothing to do with gadgets and tech, but some are truly useful. Top of the list is a power system based around solar or wind power, which could also power the automatic system that oversees the food you grow. You’ll also need something like a UTV to get you around your land and do much of the donkey work for you when it comes to transporting essentials over less-than-hospitable terrain.