How To Completely Perform Netgear Extender Setup Without WPS?

Are you disgusted about the Wi-Fi range of your host router? Then don’t fret in this situation, the Netgear Wi-Fi range extender is a panacea solution. Because it complies with multiple networking features that are very suitable for the user of the range extender. Additionally, the Netgear WiFi range extender is usually used to improve the range of your host router. Because the range of your host router is tottery, the user is not able to take the wireless range in all corners of your home. With the help of the range extender, you will be capable of extending the wireless range. But to extend the range, you have to perform a Netgear extender setup. Without completing the setup of the extender, the router range is not robust.

Furthermore, the predominant feature of the Netgear range extender is smart LED lights that are impeccable for the location of the extender. The wired Ethernet port is built-in which offers fast ethernet speed for the wired device. Multiple buttons are there on the range extender that are usually more useful for the extender. Through the reset button, you have to perform a factory reset netgear extender

Why is it necessary to perform the Netgear extender setup?

Netgear extender setup

The Netgear extender comes along with a WPS button that allows you to perform the setup. In other words, if you wish to improve the range of your standard router, then you have to perform the extender setup. Because through the setup process, your host router is easily connected to the extender. 

Thus, to improve the range of your host router, access point, cable modem, & other networking devices, you must perform the setup. 

How to perform the Netgear extender setup without the WPS button?

If you wish to perform the Netgear WIFi range extender setup without using the WPS button, then you can easily do it.  To perform the range extender without a WPS button, you can do it with a web-based or mobile app. 

  • Web-based extender setup
  • Nighthawk mobile app setup

Web-based setup of the range extender 

To perform the web-based setup of the Netgear range extender, firstly you have to access the login admin panel. Let’s start to access the login admin panel. 

Access login admin panel:

First of all, you have to establish a Wi-Fi connection to the PC device. To establish the connection, you can use an Ethernet or Wireless connection. In both connections, you can choose any one connection & completely establish the connection. Then, you have to select any preferred browser on your PC. In the address bar of the preferred browser, you have to write mywifiext IP, & hit the enter button. Then, the default login admin panel appears on your Wi-Fi-enabled PC.

Now, you have to log in to this admin panel with the login default credentials. In the username and password field, you have to write the default login username and password. In the end, click the Login button.

Netgear extender setup:

After accessing the login admin panel, you are able to perform the web-based setup. On the homepage of the range, you have to go to the setting. In the setting, you have to pick your router’s WiFi network name to extend the range & click the Next section. Now, it will ask for the password, then you have to mention the password, & also click the Next button. Now, attach your Wi-Fi-enabled device to the network name of Netgear_Ext while using the username & password. In the end, click the continue button. 

Nighthawk mobile app setup 

To set up the Netgear range extender without the WPS button, you can perform it with the Nighthawk app. To set up a Netgear extender setup with the Nighthawk app, basically, you have to install this app on your mobile phone. 

Install the Nighthawk mobile app:

To install the Nighthawk app on your mobile phone, firstly you have to make sure a stable Wi-Fi network is available on your mobile phone. If not, then you have to connect your mobile phone to a stable & fast Wi-Fi network. Afterward, you have to reach the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Then, you have to search the Netgear Nighthawk app with the search option. Now, you have to tap the install option. 

Setup the Netgear extender with the mobile app:

After downloading the Netgear Nighthawk app, you will launch this app on your mobile phone. The sign-in page appears on your mobile phone. You have to mention the login username ID & password and log in to the account. Then, you have to use the + icon & add the extender to the app. After that, you have to follow the app instructions to complete the setup.