What is the Latest Swipe Party Feature of Tinder?

Tinder is working on a brand new feature that allows users to invite buddies online to aid select your dates more effectively, as reported by Engadget. This feature is known as “Swipe Party” and Tinder has confirmed that it is currently in development and is anticipated to be launched soon by Tinder.

Different Between Apple’s SharePlay and Swipe Party

This feature isn’t in any way like Apple’s SharePlay, which lets you make watch parties with acquaintances using FaceTime for applications that support it, such as Hulu or Disneys. However, in this instance, you can also invite other friends to the swiping sessions to help you choose an appropriate perfect match.

The report further states that Swipe Party will allow you to invite your friends to join the session by completing four verification steps. It will first request your friend’s phone number, after which it will confirm the number with the use of a code. After which it will ask for their name, and then it will verify the date they were born. You must, however, allow them permission to access your phone’s camera as well as microphone, in case you need their help.

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Tinder recently launched a new feature that lets users upload videos to their profile pages on dating. In addition, match the parent company of Tinder Match, has also announced plans to add a variety of new chat and audio options for Tinder’s dating apps.

According to the report, the confirmation of Tinder that this feature is still in the stage of development; however, Tinder hasn’t shared any other details regarding the feature.

Source: Gadgetsnow